Women in Business: Susan Zackin

Ever dream of just showing up and being a guest at your own party? Then call Susan Zackin. Zackin is the president and owner of Z Event Company and the newly launched website, The Event Glossary. With over 30 years of experience, this former interior designer will create a beautiful and seamless affair for you whether it’s a wedding, intimate dinner party or corporate or social event.

A New Orleans native, Zackin has a sophisticated vision and has produced parties that range from elegant to outrageous. When asked what sets Z Event Company apart from the pack, she says, “We have tremendous depth in our artistic ability. Since I have lived and worked in South Florida and across America, I have many resources. I’ve mixed it up a little and brought a different flavor to events in New Orleans, with new entertainment from around the country, fresh aesthetics and different styles.”

Five years ago, Zackin sold her event-planning business in Florida and moved back home. But when she began researching venues and resources for Z Event Company, she became frustrated. “There are over 1,000 different venues alone in the greater New Orleans area. When I began making lists and spreadsheets of venues, vendors and suppliers, I realized there was a need for a website.” Not one to rest on her laurels, Zackin took on the monumental job and launched The Event Glossary last November.

Zackin explains: “The Event Glossary is an online marketplace for everything event related for all types of events, weddings, nonprofits, social and corporate. The website provides access to sources for novices and professionals alike—for anyone who needs to entertain or to plan an event in the New Orleans area. Once we perfect the site here, we plan to expand to other cities. Online shoppers can research through various search parameters and then order items and services, rent venue spaces and book hotel rooms (including hotel blocks) and transportation, conveniently, all on one site. Once shoppers have finished planning their event, they checkout their cart and pay. It’s that easy, one-stop shopping. The Event Glossary also has a virtual concierge to answer questions and walk users through the process.”

Noting another important feature of the website, Zackin says, “There is a ‘request for pricing’ option. We are adding new partners every day. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll come back to you with pricing. We are also always looking to list more vendors to continue to add to the website. The Z Event Company and Event Glossary office also functions as a showroom where we showcase rentals.”

Zackin is clearly on the cutting edge of everything event related.


This article was originally published in the April-May 2018 Women in Business Issue of Inside New Orleans.
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