How To Use The Event Glossary

1. Search

All of your event needs are waiting on The Event Glossary. It’s as simple as letting us know what you want. Search by location, category or head count from the home page, or use the Browse menu to find your ideal venue or supplier.

2. Add To Cart

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button to add a venue or supplier to your cart. Add as many venues or suppliers to your cart as you wish.

3. Submit

When you are ready to make an inquiry, complete the inquiry form and then click the ‘Submit’ button.

Event Planning Made Easy

The Event Glossary’s easy-to-use event planning resource streamlines the event-planning process, allowing you to find the right venues and vendors for your next fundraiser, conference, wedding, or milestone event. Our team is ready to help you every step of the way by providing pricing estimates, completing the booking process, and addressing all of your needs and concerns. Additionally, when you submit a Request for Proposal, our team will take the details of your event (its size, style, type, transportation needs, dates, etc.) and find the optimal venues and suppliers for you.

Our Event Planning Resource

Our event planning resource offers you a simple, convenient way to search for and find the best venues and vendors for your next event. To use the tool, simply tell us what your event requires and search or browse for vendors and venues that match your needs and expectations. Add as many options as you like to your cart, fill out the inquiry form, and select “Get A Quote”. Once we have received your inquiry, we’ll offer you pricing estimates, event and vendor details, and other information.

Start Planning Your event

Whether you use our event planning resource to design your next event or you submit a Request for Proposal to let our team take care of the details, The Event Glossary has the resources, industry expertise, and connections to suppliers and venues to make your next event unforgettable. We’re happy to serve many regions along the Gulf Coast, including parties in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. To submit a Request for Proposal, simply fill out our online form today.

User FAQ’s

1. What is the Event Glossary?
The Event Glossary was created to be used by both novices and professionals who have a need to entertain or plan an event of any size. The Event Glossary provides an marketplace for all things event related. It gives everyone an opportunity to have access to all of the sources that are available in the area.

2. Does the Event Glossary book the venue and services directly?
When you make an inquiry, the Event Glossary team will reach out to our business partners to help you complete your request.

3. Do I work directly with the Event Glossary or with the venues and suppliers?
The Event Glossary is a tool for you to find every event item in your area whether it be a venue, florals, DJ, photographer, or any other event related service. We give you best estimates for pricing on the items you request, and then finalize the booking process by coordinating with you and the suppliers. We will assist you until you are totally satisfied with the event you are planning and have placed your order. After that our venues and suppliers will make your dream event come true.

4. Does the Event Glossary plan my event for me?
The Event Glossary is an online sourcing tool for your next event or meeting. Our Event Glossary team is here to assist you with planning your entire event.