The Mazant

As a licensed bed and breakfast, the Mazant hosts weddings and wedding-related events on site and can accommodate up to 180 guests – depending on layout.

All weekend events require a three-night minimum stay (approximately $5,500), plus an additional fee based on the number of guests and type of event, ranging between $500 and $7,500.  This fee includes exclusive use of the main house and grounds for your stay and takes into account standard cleaning, taxes, and service fees – as well as load in / load out for your vendors.  It does not include any equipment rental, music / AV setup, catering, chairs, tables, or other similar costs.  We also require that all guests holding events on site purchase event liability insurance as well as contract with an approved security vendor (see below for more details).

The house is located in the center of a triple lot, with a corner yard (under the oak tree) on one side and a private, fenced yard on the other side.  The two yards are connected by a center hallway that runs through the middle of the house.  Some groups choose to do part of the event (i.e. ceremony) in one yard and the other part of the event (i.e. reception) in the other yard, but depending on the size of your group you could host both the reception and ceremony in the same place. The non-cottage yard is private and fenced, but also has a large gate that can be opened to allow easy access for a food truck.

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    The Mazant, 906, Mazant Street, New Orleans, LA, USA

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