Stagecoach Restroom Trailers

In the not-so-distant past, travel was unpredictable and uncomfortable. Along came the Stagecoach, an innovative new passenger trailer with comfort in mind. Fit for the average Joe (or Jane) and royalty alike, the semi-private comfort of the stagecoach made it the preferred method of travel for nearly a century before its usefulness waned. In 2016, Stagecoach rose again, this time as a customer-centric portable restroom rental company based in New Orleans (with a delivery range that covers the Gulf South – from East Texas to the Florida Panhandle). While porta-potties are useful for festivals and large public events, they aren’t the right fit for weddings, VIP areas, or film production lots. To cater to this market segment, Stagecoach inventory is made up exclusively of full sized towable restroom trailers. They can be set up virtually anywhere a pickup truck can go, can be used without external power and water sources, and have all of the comforts of a typical home restroom. Climate control, running water, and clean, private stalls are standard.

Give us the what, when and where, and we will help you choose the right restroom trailer. We will recommend services based on your budget, the nature of your event, the duration, and the number of guests you anticipate. While we offer a variety of optional services, the only required charge beyond the rental rate is for delivery and pickup, based on the distance to your venue, and the window of time in which the trailer can be delivered and setup.



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