Infinity Farms


From the moment you enter our gates, you will feel the splendor of Infinity Farms – a majestic wonderment of beautiful landscape where experiences unfold.

We will host your corporate meeting, dream wedding, retreat or life celebration. Our goal is to surpass your expectations and deliver the ultimate event.

Expert Vision

For more than 15 years in Interior Design, Donna Russell has created spaces that evoke emotion. She feels a space and envisions its potential. Her mark is distinctive. Whether it is a single room, entire home, tablescape, courtyard, rooftop or alley, each vignette tells a story.

When entering the space upon completion, there is a sense of awe followed by an intense feeling of happiness and well-being.

A space – if only for a moment – to be still and feel the magic.¬† ¬†This magic, for Donna, is her “Pursuit of Happiness”.

Ideal Destination

In October 2017, Thomas and Donna Russell purchased 13.3 acres of happiness, which they endearingly named INFINITY FARMS. Imagine lush gardens, secluded paths, rolling fields, meditation corners, dancing fountains, starry nights, bonfires, kite flying, sunset dinners and a cozy cottage. Future expansion involves an accessory structure that mirrors the main house, a pond in the five-acre field lined with additional guest cottages. The possibilities are limitless.

Infinity Farms is the perfect destination venue where any event imaginable becomes an enduring reality.

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    119 Riley Boone Road, Carriere, MS, USA

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