"Welcome to the Event Glossary! Proudly born in New Orleans on November 7th 2017. Please enjoy our current offering of event venues and suppliers as we continue to add on partners around the city. If you are interested in listing your event business on the glossary please contact us!"

User FAQ’s

1.What is the Event Glossary?

The Event Glossary was created to be used by both novices and professionals who have a need to entertain or plan an event of any size. The Event Glossary provides an all-inclusive marketplace for all things event related. It gives everyone an opportunity to have access to all of the sources that are available in the area.

2. What pricing is listed on the Event Glossary?

The Event Glossary gives you the best estimate possible for the venues and items you request. However, in the event business, prices and availability often vary with certain dates. Because of this, it is not possible to provide an exact price on some items. When you submit a request for venue rental and other event supplies, we notify the requested parties immediately so that we can get an exact quote back to you.

3.What’s the difference between the catalog and RFP?

The catalog presents you with a complete list of every venue space, catering menu, supply, or any other item that a venue or supplier has listed on the Event Glossary. The catalog allows you add your items of interest using a shopping cart functionality and create an online proposal which will then be confirmed by the Event Concierge team. The RFP page (Request for Proposal) allows you to make a more general request for an event. There you give us the essential information of your event such as date, guest size, and price range, and then you can make requests for every other item you desire. The Event Concierge team will work with suppliers in the desired category to prepare a proposal for you.

Example: If you make a request for Restaurant Venues, the Event Concierge team will work with you and the Event Glossary restaurants to provide you with options that will meet your requirements. Your proposal will provide restaurant venue quotes and you may select and pay for the one most appealing to you once you have confirmed your choice.

4. Does the Event Glossary book the venue and services directly?

When you submit a request for a venue or supplies, whether it be through the catalog or RFP, those items are not immediately booked. An Event Concierge will reach out to our business partners to make sure their services are available on the dates you have requested, and for what price they can complete your request. Within one to two business days we will have their response to you, at which time you can complete your order and pay, or make whatever alterations are necessary.

5. Do I work directly with the Event Glossary or with the venues and suppliers?

The Event Glossary is a tool for you to find every event item in your area whether it be a venue, florals, DJ, photographer, or any other event related service. We give you best estimates for pricing on the items you request, and then finalize the booking process by coordinating with you and the suppliers. We will assist you until you are totally satisfied with the event you are planning and have placed your order. After that our venues and suppliers will make your dream event come true.

6. Does the Event Glossary plan my event for me?

The Event Glossary is an online sourcing tool for your next event or meeting. Our Event Concierge is here to assist you with planning your entire event. Whether you choose to select your items from our catalog, or just submit a request to us, we can assist you with all of your event needs.

7. What if part of my order is unavailable, I want to make a change, or I need to cancel?

Once you have submitted an order and created an account you will be able to address all of the above features. If any item you have requested is unavailable you may add a new specific request for a venue or supplier through the catalog, or may submit a general RFP for that item. Any change or cancellation must take place before your final order is submitted. After that, you will fall under the guidelines of the contract you sign with that specific venue or supplier.




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