"Welcome to the Event Glossary! Proudly born in New Orleans on November 7th 2017. Please enjoy our current offering of event venues and suppliers as we continue to add on partners around the city. If you are interested in listing your event business on the glossary please contact us!"

Business Partner FAQ

1. What is the target market for The Event Glossary?

The Event Glossary was created to be used by both novices and professional who have a need to entertain or plan an event of any size. The Event Glossary provides a one stop shop for both the professional planners and the general population. It gives everyone an opportunity to have access to all of the sources that are available in the city.

DMC’s are able to source like a local when scheduling and ordering their destination management needs. The EG provides these planners a one stop shop to order any and all destination management goods and services at retail rates

It was also created for business professionals, leisure travelers or any individual that wants to plan or book events or services on their own. The venues and vendors listed on the Glossary are non-exclusive and have individual pricing listed for their goods and services.

The Glossary markets their venues and vendors through headings that are accessible through the site and then cross markets them on both sides depending on the program they are enlisted in.

2. Does the client work directly with The Event Glossary or with the suppliers

The website is a simple tool to make the promoting of your business easy for potential customers to shop, schedule and ultimately book your goods and services. The Event Glossary Concierge team will contact you to confirm the customer’s requests before an order is finalized. The Event Concierge will work with you directly.

3. How do we ensure that the meeting planners and individuals will adhere to our standard policies, i.e. 72 hour cancellation policy, list of guest names & weights required 48 hours prior to event time, etc.?

Business policies should be handled as usual – your contract’s terms & conditions shall be the governing terms for any customer and the Event Concierge will oversee that process and that your standard policies are complied with as required.

4. What advertisement is available to suppliers and at what cost?

There are several different options for listings on The Event Glossary. For more details on the numerous advertising options available on The Event Glossary, please contact us at swormser@eventglossary.com

5. We typically customize our goods/services based on the needs of the client - are we able to do this on The Event Glossary?

To the best of our ability we want to supply meeting planners and users with everything they will need on one website, because having to work with individual suppliers outside of the site defeats the purpose of the “one-stop shop”. Therefore, we can list any and all options that you supply, and the Event Concierge team will work to customize each event with you by choosing the options that work best.

There may be some events that will need to be setup differently to accommodate the customer, i.e. décor packages, private restaurant events, etc. but the Event Concierges are experienced.

As we understand that some items will have to be determined at the time the event is scheduled (i.e. menu options, custom décor pieces, etc.), we do list a standard disclaimers within the event descriptions.

For more information on this please contact concierge@e-destinaccess.com

6. How will I know when a planner or individual submits a purchase order for my good and services?

When a request for goods and/or services is submitting by a user, an e-mail is automatically sent to the Event Concierge team. A member will contact you to discuss the details of the request. All final requests will be confirmed via a Purchase Order that can be viewed, printed, and confirmed online. Then a contract will be signed by the customer that includes your terms and conditions.

7. What is the payment process for The Event Glossary?

All goods and services will be paid as an electronic transfer to you as a Vendor, or a check can be sent based on the confirmed Purchase Orders for all goods or services. Your payment terms will be dictate the timing. Please email our team with a copy of the final invoice.

8. How do I set up my Account so I can be paid automatically through The Event Glossary?

We will need your company information, including Tax ID and the account information to use. The payment process will be initiated once the contract is signed by the customer, Purchase Orders are confirmed and payments are received from the customer.

9. How does the RFP (Request for Proposal) system work? 

A user on The Event Glossary will provide the Event Concierge team with details they require for an upcoming event.

As a venue or vendor, whenever an RFP comes through that fits in your businesses parameters, an Event Concierge will contact you to confirm availability and confirm the details. Once the customer agrees, a Purchase Order is provided to you, a contract is signed and payment is collected and processed to you pursuant to your terms and conditions.



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